Shigetomi-shimadu family is one of highest priority of supporting-Shimadu lord family (There were four supporting-Shimadu lord families, Shigetomi, Kajiki, Tarumizu and Imaizumi) which has to keep successors by Shimadu lord family for Satsuma country. This supporting successor system was learned from Tokugawa family (3 supporting lord families, Over 300 years history as lord of Japan).

The brother of 28th prince of Satsuma country, Hisamitu Shimadu moved his main house from Shimizu-chou to here in Edo era (1603-1868). Interior and furniture was kept the same from original. Some building materials were brought from the family owned hunting spot, Uchi no Ura (85km southeast from here).21st Shimadu Shigetomi family's prince Uzuhiko and princess Noriko lived in Shimadu Shigetomi sou after Meiji restoration (about 150 years ago).

Prince Uzuhiko is a brother of 29th prince of Satsuma country, third son of Hisamitu Shimadu (Brother of 28th prince of Satsuma country, Nariakira Shimadu). Princess Noriko is a daughter of 28th prince of Satsuma country, Nariakira Shimadu.

Famous movie, James Bond (Sir. Thomas Sean Connery), 007 series, "You Only Live Twice" in 1967 was located in some scene at our garden.

Our property is roughly 10,000 m2, 2.5 Acre.

-The room of audience (Ekken no ma)

Prince Uzuhiko's drawing room. We preserved same figure of Pillars and transoms (Space of above sliding doors in Japanese house), adornments (Nail cover, Knob of sliding door) of local ceramic art < Shiro Satsuma Yaki>. Over 1,000 years old cedar tree is used for beam. We call "Bengara color" on red color of wall has mixed with blood of Ryukyu pork (Pork from Okinawa prefecture) for the sake of charm against evil and anti-insects.

We preserved historical important arts, too. Calligraphy of following persons.Narioki Shimadu (27th prince of Satsuma country, 1791-1859), Nariakira Shimadu (28th prince of Satsuma country, 1809-1858),Takamori Saigo (One of Japanese most famous revolutionist, 1828-1877), Masayoshi Matsukata (Politician, 1835-1924), We utilize for restaurant and anteroom of wedding reception now.


-The room of Prince (Tono no ma)

Prince Uzuhiko lived in this historical room.We display calligraphy of Narinobu Shimadu (26th prince of Satsuma country, 1787-1809), hanging scroll of Princess Noriko. We utilize for private dinner room now.


-The room of Princess (Hime no ma)

Princess Noriko lived in this room.We utilize room of promise of wedding by Shinto rites. We serve live Japanese noble music during ceremony.


-Hallway (Rohka)

Height of ceiling is getting lower by going into the back. This is for the sake of protecting from sortie by long sword and spear. This is typical structure of Samurai house. Height of ceiling prince's room is lower and more number of partitions is same reason of protection.

We display old cloth (Yutan) in frame on the back of hallway. Shimadu family's crest, circle and cross (First crest) and Paulownia (Second crest) were drawn on it. Big pot, Shigaraki yaki (From Shiga prefecture) was made in end of Edo era (1603-1868).

Renovation and Interior design: Mr. Takashi Sugimoto

Mr. Sugimoto is amazing Japanese interior designer who works globally. His renovation concept for Shimadu Shigetomi Soh is "Modern Japanese traditional space". His unique method for expressing "Modern Japanese traditional space" utilizes Timber, Natural Stone and Fabrics which come from local.

You will find his concept in the chapel, the reception room, especially the partition at the entrance hall gives us images of Satsuma Kiriko which is local artisan cut grass having over 160 years history, and the sofa images Ohshima Tsumugi that is local fabric having over 290 years history.

Mr. Takashi Sugimoto

1945 Born in Tokyo
1968 B, Sc. In Art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1973 Established Super Potato Co., Ltd.
1992 Musashino Art University / Professor

Academic and Professional Awards
1985 Mainichi Design Honor Awards
2001 Restaurant Design of the Year Awards
2001 Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry Awards
2008 Interior Design Magazine Hall of Fame Awards

His masterpiece: Grand Hyatt Singapore, Park Hyatt Beijing, Muji Shinjuku

<Total food co-ordination: Mr. Hiroyuki Sakai>

Our special hospitality by French cuisine is produced by Mr. Hiroyuki Sakai who is most famous French Chef in Japan. Well known Iron Chef (TV program), "Monsieur. Sakai" not only in Japan, but also in the world. Mr. Sakai was born in Kagoshima prefecture and begun carrier as Chef from 17 years old. He opened "La Rochelle" in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo (1980) after training in Australia. We appreciate his biggest dedication for us and prosperity of Kagoshima.

2005: Chevalier awarded by the France Republic
2009: Gendai no Meiko (Contemporary Master Craftsmen) awards,
honoring Japan's foremost artisans in various fields.

< Grand chef: Mr. Shinichiro Miyamoto>
Mr. Miyamoto was also born in Kagoshima. His outstanding talent on French cuisine was discovered and trained by Monsieur. Sakai. Mr. Miyamoto eliminated his own French restaurant for the sake of being in charge of Grand Chef at Shimadu Shigetomi Soh from opening (2006).

His millions of imagination and fantasy cuisine attract visitors in Shimadu Shigetomi Soh.